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In 2002, Collage Productions took on the responsibility of public relations for the reunion of the alumni of The Chicago Royal Airs. After a period of over forty years, members of what has been described as the "greatest drum and bugle corps - ever" reunited for a season and then continued during 2003, recreating the style of performance which had won the organization the distinction of gaining three national championship titles within a single year during 1965. Performances of this reunion group were broadcast nationally on the ABC-TV program "A Day of Music In America," hosted by Peter Jennings, as well as on FOX-TV, and feature articles also appeared in numerous local and national publications.


In 2003, Collage Productions founder, Jeff Helgeson, an alumni member of the 1962 -68 Royal Airs, won an individual national championship as a brass performer on the mellophone.

Chicago Royal Airs (2002/03)