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Collage Productions is dedicated to the presentation of theatrical and literary works both in print and live on stage, as well as visual art and musical performance and was first established in 1986, as an outgrowth of Jeff Helgeson's        university teaching in an effort to provide grass-roots support for (and afforadable access to) a wide range of literary, visual, and performing arts.


Projects have included the publication of the first book by the founder of Poetry Slam, Marc Smith (1996), and  the poems of singer-song writer Richard Fammeree (2000).


Stage productions have been presented at the Regional Tony Award winning Chicago area Victory Gardens Theatre, as well as Stage Left Theatre in Chicago, The Chopin Theatre, The Center Portion performance space, and numerous Chicago area theatres and art galleries.


Productions have also been offered in conjunction with theatre groups in St. Louis, Milwaukee, and New York, as well as in cooperation with the Chicago-based Boxer Rebellion Ensemble, Backstage Theatre, and the organizers of both The World Festival Of Sacred Music and the 1999 and 2003 National Poetry Slam


In 1999, Collage Productions published Jeff Helgeson's novel "Thresholds" which, set in Rome on the eve of the millennium, Book Magazine described as "a solid, fictional study of one monumental day."


From 1999 to 2001 Collage Productions produced "Urban Voices"  which was a theatrical showcase for spoken-word perfomers and visual arts.


 Additionally, Collage Productions has collaborated with Chicago artist Renee McGinnis on The Solutions Show, an art exhibition mounted in 2003 and 2005, first jurored by Ed Pasche and then by James Rondeau, curator for Modern and Contemporary Art at The Art Institute of Chicago.



Since its founding, Collage Productions has offered at least two arts-related projects each year and staged 9 plays.


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